Stop Managing Projects, Start Managing People

Staction is for group management and communication.

  • Talk to me. Not at me.

    Thank goodness for modern web services. Apps like Twitter, and Tumblr have taught us all new ways to communicate briefly, and succinctly. It's time the business world started embracing the new way of talking. If you're stuck in: account/client/project/type-of-data/some-specific-list — pull your head out. There's a lot of work and communication going on around you. Stay on top of it.

  • A virtually perfect view

    Nobody uses folders anymore. Like all modern operating systems Staction lets you create virtual saved collections of the relevant views you use most.

  • Keep email where it belongs

    Email is not a great solution for internal group communication. Keep your inbox for your clients. When you put information into Staction it's more accessible, more flexible, and more useful.

  • It’s not Basecamp

    How can you talk about project management without mentioning Basecamp? It's really set a standard, and a high bar. Staction isn't a me-too app. It's not fixing what's broken with Basecamp — it's a different way of looking at how groups get work done. Basecamp is about the project, and about the granular nugget of information. Staction is about the aerial view. With Basecamp you’re in the trenches. With Staction, you're in the clouds. Of course we think it's better, or we wouldn't have bothered to build it.